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  1. Hello guys! I have Preston wireless follow focus the 1st generation (HU1, MDR1, DM1). The problem is battery for HU1. the big square shape old battery. I only have 2 of them and it is hard to find more. So what I thought is replace it to EP or NP battery. Do you guys think is it possible? if it is possible or know who already did this process, please share the information !!!! Also, if you know repair shop that does this kind of work, let me know please!! Thanks, Yongmin
  2. Suppose I am using Atlas Orion 2X anamorphic lens with BMPCC which has Micro four third sensor size(16:9). In the post, when we stretch 2 times, so the resolution is gonna be 3840X1080 if I shoot as FHD. and we crop side so that we can make cinemascope ratio. In this case, when we stretch the image, doesn't it affect image quality at all? And, is there big difference between shooting 4:3 sensor and 16:9 sensor when we shoot using anmorphic 2X? As long as the sensor size is similiar, the final 2.35:1 out put should be similiar right? of course there is a bit difference, but not that big difference. cuz for 4:3, we already cant get image on side. for 16:9, since it is wider ratio that 4:3, we can get image on side but for making 2.35:1 ratio, we should cut side image. That is what I thought. I really do the test using lens and cameras but I have no chance so I am just asking to you guys professionals! :) Thank you so much in advance!! Have a nice day! :)
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