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  1. TRhanks. That’s just what I needed
  2. Look sorry I didn’t answer earlier but I know my stuff. I’ve done many classing in school for film and we are using gh5. I want a camera so I can shoot my own stuff with out school restrictions.
  3. Omg thank you for a straight forward answer. About time. Why the A7III and not one of the Other a7 models like a or r. Why not black magic pocket and why not the gh5?
  4. Any thoughts on bmpcc4k? It’s my main choice for my A cam and want final thoughts before I go all in. Like a better option or something else that would be better. Cause it seems like a clear choice. I will be doing docs, nature shots, short films, comedy’s, and things like that so I need something hat preforms in low light but does not have to be a total low light beast.
  5. Ok so I heard what you all are saying. The bmpcc4k is an AMAZING camera. But I should not start with it for a first camera. I should get something cheap and get a good lenses to learn on. Then when I’m ready upgrade and already have a lense. What camera should I buy that’s cheap? And what’s a good lense. Naive preferably
  6. Ya that’s a good point. It would be smart to get a camera I can learn with before getting bm 4K.
  7. Ya that’s also true. The bmpcc4k could be something I get in the future as an A-cam. I could learn on something cheap to pull focus and upgrade later
  8. Are uyou saying bmpcc4k is a bad camera? what would you recomend
  9. ok your right. bmpcc4k is a great camera. it might be my final choice. the low light is good, it comes with resolve, the sensor is good and looks great with a meta bones, it has flat profiles, and lcd screen looks great. only down sides are battery, no view finder, no stills, in body stabilization is not as good. all I need to do is buy "a" lenses, metacones, tripod, mic, and a cage witch could price me at about 2,000. thanks for the help
  10. Well g95 is new to the game that brings great image quality. But the black magic pickiest cinima 4k is also tempting. May be a dumb question what is a speed booster and what is wrong with he bmpcc4k
  11. Ya but I want to not start on 8k raw. I want to learn on somthing cause it is my first cam. Is g95 good in your opinion? It’s ether that, or the gh5
  12. Ya. I’m going with the g95 because how cheap it can be, a good lense included, v log, and IBS. It gives me a lot of wiggle room
  13. But isn’t it a fixed lense? Also it says it’s like 2,500. A gh5 is cheaper
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