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  1. This is what I manage to get after manual calibration. It really does make a different. Even then it will still look different on your screen anyway πŸ˜„
  2. Thanks everyone for taking time and reply. I manually color corrected my screen to match my iPhone. I find iPhone screen to somewhat accurate and better looking. I couldn’t get it to match exactly but manage to get rid of red color cast. But I guess calibrating with devices like spyder or xrite is the better option. Once again thanks everyone, this helps clear my mind. Thought my Davinci is the problem for a moment and how I shot it.
  3. Hi all I am having a bad time with this grading I exported from Davinci Resolve. I am seeing different color on different device. On my laptop screen it looks rich in color. But on phone and other laptop screen it looks desaturated and more color shift towards green. Can someone help me and tell me why this happening please. Is there anything i need to do in color management settings?
  4. That's right David I wanted to go further away but there's this same pillar, as you can see in the scene, just right back of the camera . No room for me to squeeze in πŸ˜„. Didn't want to use very wide focal length as well. Went with 24mm on this shot. Over the shoulder shots were 75mm. You just made me feel better Noted
  5. Nice thing you point out Charles. I agree, it would have been better to have the actors face positioned in the window frame. They would pop out more. Wasn't aware of it during the shoot πŸ˜‘.
  6. Thanks Robin ☺️. Means alot to me.
  7. True @Robin R Probyn. I would love to put my lights on the opposite side of the camera to motivate window lights and which also gives cinematic looking image. Because the shoot was like a live tv show (Dating show), all camera running at the same time, I couldn't figure out where to hide my lights. Attaching to the ceiling wasn't the option as well..... location wasnt high enough and is not in our budget. I personally am not completely satisfied with the looks too. Could have added some practical lights or unmotivated lights for the background. (WIP) Thanks for your insights
  8. Hiya very sorry for my late reply. Really appreciate all of your helps with the lighting techniques. But actual shoot was like in two days after I posted so I didn't get to consider any of the suggestion I have been given. Still helps alot with my upcoming shoots πŸ™‚ . By the way for this table scene I ended up using only two 120d with softbox. One directly on top and the other as kinda key for the girl. Thank once again! (WIP)
  9. I'd like to achieve this look 😍 High key and super soft light quality. I am using Sony A7III.
  10. Hello I am Thein Win from Yangon, Myanmar and this is my first time posting πŸ™‚ I want to light this simple scene. Wide and over the shoulder shots. I am thinking of using a 1.2k chinaball hanging in the middle and two 120d mark II on both side for back light. Never used chinaball before. This is going to be a reality show. So light cant be moved around for retakes. I would like to know if this a good set up or if theres better way around. I still am new and learning. Would like to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks πŸ™‚
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