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  1. Thank you so so much David! It helps me so much !
  2. Hello guys, I have a stupid and noob question, I personally never get a chance to shoot with anamorphic lenses. I am always confuse about the lenses factor on the ANA lenses, could someone help me out to give me a full explanation of the lenses factor on the anamorphic lenses? Besides, I also wondering about the field of view with different anamorphic lenses (2x, 1.5x) how you guys calculate? How's the combination of different size sensor with different lenses factors ( I just have no idea how to calculate that) Please help me out to understand deeper of the ana lenses! Thank you so much for read my question!
  3. Hello guys, I have a very stupid question, haha. I will have a interview shoot next week, and it will be my first time working with projector. So I have some question regarding working with projector, fist of all, would I be able to use projector as my KEY light? Second of all, what should I be aware of working with projector? (I am worry about the flicker) Third of all, I do not know if I could use projector as my FILL light and have my own lighting unit play as KEY light? Guys please share with me some of your experience working with projector!! Thank you so much for taking time read my stupid questions, really need some help!
  4. Hello peeps! I am currently working on the shot list of my next short film, and I try utilize my lenses and composition to show the loneliness of the protagonist. I attached two reference as below, I just wondering whats the focal length and lenses should I choose in order to tell the character internal's emotion? I want something wider focal length but not too much distortion, I basically want to emphasis character's internal fear of the reality world around him.
  5. Hi all, I just wondering which leaser measurement device is good for first ac to use or for a DP go to location scout and working on some floor plan? Thanks !
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