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  1. Ok, thanks for responses. Will try film something not so important and see if it works or not...
  2. Found Agfa Moviechrome 40 Super8 film expired in 1987. It's been in room temperature but it's sealed so can it still be used? Things I should do if I decide to shoot that film? What results should I expect? By the way, why there is no expire dates in new Kodak Super8 films?
  3. Ok, thanks for the info. Quess I need to start looking for repair person.
  4. Hi, I got Leicina RT1 Super8 camera but the battery box is corroded and I quess two or three most upper battery contact pieces are missing from other side of box so what can I do? I didn't find any Leitz replacement box from internet sites. I quess corrosion isn't that bad I could wipe it off but fixing those missing pieces seems bit hard to me.
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