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  1. Hello, I got a K3 Meteor lens, thought it's m42 and it's not(bought an adapter for m42). I was told it's the bayonet version. Since it has those two "teeth" on the mount. From reading around it seems like it could be SP16 mount. I want know for sure because I want to buy an adapter to mount on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera(MFT mount). Can anyone tell me what mount is for sure? a link to the photos of the mount: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1808IoyE9LiTHcmQcbgmn69k7VtrS4G84?usp=sharing Thanks
  2. I just got me K -3 and the meteor lens won't lock properly, it is very loose and when the camera is facing downward the lens comes off. It seems like a metal ring inside might be blocking the lock but I'm not sure. Has it occured to anyone and how should I approach this? Thanks
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