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  1. Removed the Odyssey 7Q and 7Q accessories plus titan arm from the sale. Now 4800 Shipped! New pics added to reflect changes. Email or text/call with any questions: odshannon@gmail.com 575-636-36fiveone
  2. New price: 6200 shipped within the USA. I'll take all Paypal fees. Also, links seem to be messing up. Reposting here: https://vimeo.com/328768496/5861e9eecd (example of work with setup) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pfbep6m0vn3idrh/AADdeVRKmeXSISjMfNbw6AfVa?dl=0 (pics of camera) Thanks! Shannon
  3. Up for sale is a beautiful Sony F35 in great condition. This camera makes gorgeous filmic images. All you need is V-mount batteries and a PL mount lens and she’s ready to produce 12 bit 444 S-log images. Price for package: 6400 SHIPPED within the USA (pay via paypal) Here is a recent project I shot with this very camera setup: https://vimeo.com/328768496/5861e9eecd (I added post grain) Here is a list of everything that will come with the package (some items not pictured, and V-mount battery does NOT come with the setup.) Sony F35 Body (serial #11005) Sony HDVF-C30WR Viewfinder Monitor Sony F35 IF box with 12-bit 444 Output via dual link SDI Sony F35 Assistant Panel w/ cable Switronix Vmount battery plate (Could use electrical tape where the plastic rubberguard broke near the cable end (pictured). Still works 100%. Sony F35 Top Handle Sony F35 Top L handle Sony F35 Riser Plate Element Technica Bridgeplate 19mm Rods (Pictured with different knobs but will come with factory knobs.) 8” Element Technica Standard Arri Dovetail
+ 12 & 18” Stainless Steel 19mm Rods Otto Nemenz Cheese Plate (rare item) I would recommend using a new handle if you want access to threads. Odyssey 7Q & (3) Convergent Design 256gb SSD’s w/ plastic cases Bright Tangerine Titan support arm StarTech SSD reader Dtap to Odyssey power and Odyssey AC Power (3) Convergent Design 3G-SDI cables MasterCases Flight Case for F35 (Made in the USA) Pelican 1200 Case for Odyssey 7Q Here is a link to pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pfbep6m0vn3idrh/AADdeVRKmeXSISjMfNbw6AfVa?dl=0 Thanks for looking! Shannon
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