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  1. The rubber stoppers came back from the technician in good condition as far as I could remember. It wasn't something I paid attention to when I got the mag. It was an error on my end from running so many dummy loads through and only noticing the damage once the sound started happening. I made a video that I'm sending to the tech where I go through all of this. I was suspecting the spindle being set too deep into the mag/bent. The last minute or two of this video show it running cover open. Not sure if the angle I got helps you determine that at all. Either way i appreciate you guys p
  2. I did the smacking of the mag and only store them upright and the problem persists. The other mag I have I load, store, and use exactly the same and do not have this problem with. Any ideas on why only 1 mag is doing this? Could it be an adjustment in the mag that is needed?
  3. Pictures for reference http://imgur.com/gallery/1XQznB7
  4. I recently got an Aaton LTR 7 serviced and have been practicing loading it and running film through it for a project. It has 2 mags. One of the mags is making a scratching sound and I am not sure what it is. The only difference between the mags is the rubber stoppers on the load in side seem to keep getting ground down everytime I run a roll through the camera on this problematic mag. Is there another reason that the sound could be happening and if not do you know why these are being grounded down? improper loading? The roll maybe has to be completely flat when loading? I'm really not sur
  5. I have an Aaton LTR with an Aaton mount and a production I'm on would rather shoot PL than go through the hassle of finding Aaton mount lenses. With that said, where would the best place in the United States ideally California (but not necessary) to get this conversion done. How much would it cost, and where would the best place to buy a PL mount be? Thanks in advance!
  6. I just learned I have access to an Aaton LTR but that the batteries went missing. I've searched for batteries online to no avail and was wondering if anyone here knew anyone selling them? Let me know guys, Thank you!
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