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  1. All LOMO lenses have been sold, remaining are the Rolleiflex & Pentacon.
  2. Selling a film directors lens/camera collection. If pictures are not listed, please inquire per e-mail/message. All lenses are under market value and in working condition. Location is Berlin, Germany. Worldwide shipping possible. Lomo OKS 1-50-1 f:2,0 50mm (OCT-18 to Arri PL) - Pictures - 200,00€ Lomo OKS 1-35-1 f:2,0 35mm (OCT-18 to Arri PL) - Pictures - 150,00€ NPO Ekran/Lomo OKS 15-35-1 Superspeed 35mm (reduced price due to minor fungus, can be cleaned on request) - 1500,00€ Lomo OKS 8-35-1 f:2,0 35mm (OCT-19) - 200,00€ omo OKS 8-35-1 f:2,0 35mm (No Mount) - 20
  3. Selling the following objectives and cameras from a film directors collection for bellow market prices. Please inquire for pictures/details. Location is Germany, international shipping possible. Convas 35mm with Ekran quartz motore 8 up to 32 frames per second СКС - 1М 16 мм Eclair 16 Pentax 645N Leica R3 Mot Leica R3 Mot Rolleiflex 6006 Rolleiflex SLX Rollei 35 Classic Rollei 35 Jeans Rollei 35 Brown Crocodile "NPO Ekran" 35OKS 15-35-1
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