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  1. Thank you, by the way do you know about cinematography in Canada is there any chance for Russian to get a job?
  2. Привет! Problem is in Russia we don't have much interesting projects lately, I mean there is some good Indie movies (that not supported at all and made with super low budget) that hard to find but in mostly popular new movies and tv-series main problem is low creativity, it is more just to make fast money that's all (I mean make money it is obvious reason to make projects, but it is sad when company trying to get easy cash and don't even try to make a good product for people)and not much freedom. Some inside info from my past in Russia very often using old scripts of different foreign projects and not officially remake them (I will not name project where I worked but it is famous in Russia and script for this was stolen from old Spanish tv-series)... Like change just little bit and make it more Russian style... Nowadays I surprised how many tv-series in foreign countries that really more interesting than AAA movies, also there as far as I know more freedom so I would be glad to work in projects like this, question is how to get there heh.. In Russia I glad that there is people that literally without much money make great things, but main (popular companies) movies and tv-series business already 5 years not watchable and problem there is no ways to change it. Maybe, I just had bad experience but that made me to avoid work in Russia.
  3. Hello everyone my name is Igor. I from Russia. In Russia I graduated university, faculty - movie producer. I worked in Russian TV company and worked as a story-writer in free-lance. Than I made game company and made game project. Nowadays I working in Japan in IT company. But in future after few years I feel like I want to go back in movie industry. I want to work at movies or tv-series so just curious in what country it is better to start to achieve my dream. I guess I will need start as assistant and I okay with it, I just want to be involved in interesting and creative projects. Sorry if my question sound little bit strange. But I will appreciate some advice about how and where is better to start.
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