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  1. I will definitly give it a try! Sounds like reasonable solution and less possible issues with relinking. Thanks.
  2. Yes, that is how we do it as well. But raw files wont reconnect to proxies because proxies were made with wrong settings and i think half of them were made in media encoder, half in resolve, with wrong settings. After re rendering them in Arri Raw Converter, they relinked perfectly. Optimized media sounds like interesting solution, could you provide more details on workflow with it? Can i render otpimized media from raw's and somehow transfer them to the editor?
  3. Ok, problem solved! We just re created proxies with Arri Raw Converter, and it worked. Its relinking perfectly. Looks like resolve is not so good for creating proxies from arri raw, or DIT messed up render settings.
  4. Good day to everyone. Im currently working on a project which we shot with Alexa LF in Arri RAW format. DIT converted raws using Davinci Resolve to ProRes Proxy for the offline edit. We are doing offline in Davinci Resolve as well. However, when i received xml and drp from the editor, i realized that im not able to reconnect proxies to the raw files. Pointing resolve to the specific folder where to search (even doing a deep search) wont work as well, resolve just reports that clips couldn't be found. I also tried inserting clips to the media pool and hard linking them with the edit (xml i got) on the timeline, and that did not work properly as well, all "hard" reconnected (conform lock) clips on the timeline starts from the beggining of the clip, looks like there are no TC in and out points. What im thinking of, as possible solution (which is last option) is to re-render all LF files using ARRIRAW software, and than relink the offline to the new proxies, and then try relinking raws back to the newly created proxies (hope this make sense) Any help on this one would be appricated.
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