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  1. Hi Mark - thanks for your response... is cleaning the gate something that i can do myself or a specialist job? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I have shot a few rolls on my Krasnogorsk-3 and all of them have had this mark on them in the top left corner. When the roll begins there is nothing there and seems to be working as it should be, and then as the roll progresses the mark appears and gets worse! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Rob
  3. Hey Dom - yeah I see what you mean. Starting to think that it might be worth taking the loop formers out altogether. Here is a link to part of the film that didn't come out!
  4. Hey Dom, thanks so much - that's worked a treat!! Seems to be going through without any problems. Please check the video below - want to make sure with that it's spot on, looks and sounds good to me!
  5. Thanks everyone for you help on this. @Luigi Castellitto I did try this and the pressure plate continued to flap around even after popping it back in and manually feeding the film into the claw... @Tyler Purcell thanks for this - have you seen my updated video? I think the loops look big enough, and the take up and feed both seem to be working as they should be, just the pressure plate continues to flap which leads me to believe that there is an issue with the claw? 
  6. Hi Simon - apologies I don't think I quite understand what you mean? I have ran the film through without the pressure plate and there are no problems, only with the pressure plate in.
  7. Thanks all so much for your help on this. Stupidly I had the (exposed) film the wrong way round so the teeth were not catching. Like I said I'm fairly new to this! So after loading the film the correct way round it goes through fine and the loops look big enough. The only issue I see now is that the pressure plate seems to flap around when the film passes through it. Having watched other videos it seems it should pass through easily, there's sounds and looks as if something is not quite right. This is running at 24fps. https://vimeo.com/351880893/b6f84fc866 Thanks again!
  8. I own a K-3. Have shot 5 rolls on it now, 3 have come out just as planned however 2 have not. The footage looks totally stretched and unusable. The first 2 rolls came out great, the 3rd ruined, the 4th great and the 5th ruined - so I am aware that it is most likely a loading fault. However now I am trying to load it with exposed film to practice and test it and noticed that once it passed the pressure plate its as if the film is being pulled back towards the gate and the loops become really small. The film progresses through the camera but the loops are definitely not big enough. Have repeatedly tried to load it but the same thing happens. Here is a link to what is happening! Any help would be great!
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