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  1. Thank You to everyone who replied. I'm sorry I late replying, I thought I Thanked everyone a long time ago. @aapo lettinen I've been testing out the setup "Reflector" set up you mentioned. I've had some good results, and feel comfortable moving forward next year.
  2. Lights, Then Camera?? I'm starting out with a DSLR that records Full HD 1080p 60 FPS. I want to purchase a C100 MK2 in 2021, to finish up the project(if I even need it). Now what lights should I get to start the project? The Arri Softbank D3 Three Light kit or 1 Lupo Superpanel 30 1x1 Full Color RGB? I just need to purchase a dimmer(s) for the arri lights, to control output. I'm worried about running these inside small houses in the summer, the heat might be unbearable for the person sitting under the lights. With the Arri I have my main, kicker and background lights, I think that's a plus. Is the superpanel a beter fit? I've read a few of the post on RGB lights, learned a lot so "Thank You"! For my older relatives, this would be a better fit, no heat beating down on them. I have the ability to turn the power down to match the ambient light, don't know how close I can get to matching the color. Would make location recording easier. I don't want to waste money, on the superpanel if it has limitations I don't know about. Camera, lights then get started?? Bad Idea, this feels like I'm wasting more time. Nothing else to add. I'm just looking for advice from professionals on how to start. Only camera accessorie(s) I think I need is a field recorder, for the DSLR. This way I can record audio when the camera stops recording. Then use so clever editing to keep the interview going. Learning as I go This semester I'm starting a class on video editing. I've purchased a few books on documentary work, plus I like to add my humble begins to the project to inspire, someone to pick up where I left off. Any tips on how to stay motivated, how to plan, how to pack, how to structure questions or what ever you like to share, I love to hear it. Thank You
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