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  1. I was just on a commercial with the Alexa35 and Cooke s4’s this week.
  2. Thank you Satsuki. I haven’t tried those groups yet. Yes, the Contract Services portion of the process is a pain and a 1st AC friend of mine has stated the same thing.
  3. Hello All, I’ve begun the process to join Local 600 as a Digital Loader. I understand that the first step is being placed on the Industry Experience Roster by proving either 100 Days Union/Non-Union over 3 years or 30 Union Days in 1 year. Now, I’m confused about two things after talking with a rep from Local 600 and just wanted some real world stories. 1. Local 600 only recognizes classification “Loader”. Does Digital Loader fall under that same classification? If I joint as a Loader, could I be hired for offloading/backing up footage or is this straight film loading (celluloid)? 2. I reside in Washington State. I was told that there’s a specific caveat for Loaders being placed on the IER. They need to be LA based meaning any/all my days won’t qualify because they weren’t worked in LA or I’m not from LA and sent to Washington State. Any clarity here would be appreciated. I tried emailing Contract Services but they never replied. I finally got someone on the phone today but they wouldn’t connect me to a Roster personal and they couldn’t answer my questions well (weird huh). I’ve heard and read that Contract Services is the main hurdle and I’m finding that to be true. any help from Local 600 members and specifically Loaders that are west coast but not directly in LA would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. @AJ Young I'd also love to see example look books for formatting and layout purposes. Is it cool if I email you as well? Thank you. Great question @Trent Watts
  5. Thank you David and Phil. I was curious of the use case for this aspect ratio. I mostly work on 1:78:1 deliverables and mostly web content. I'm just a curious cat.
  6. Hello, When would be a use to film in 4K DCI or 2K DCI (1.90:1)? I apologies if this seems like a obvious answer but I have found a obvious answer and thought It’d be best to ask experienced Camera Crew. Thank you for your time.
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