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  1. Thank you Satsuki. I haven’t tried those groups yet. Yes, the Contract Services portion of the process is a pain and a 1st AC friend of mine has stated the same thing.
  2. Hello All, I’ve begun the process to join Local 600 as a Digital Loader. I understand that the first step is being placed on the Industry Experience Roster by proving either 100 Days Union/Non-Union over 3 years or 30 Union Days in 1 year. Now, I’m confused about two things after talking with a rep from Local 600 and just wanted some real world stories. 1. Local 600 only recognizes classification “Loader”. Does Digital Loader fall under that same classification? If I joint as a Loader, could I be hired for offloading/backing up footage or is this straight film loading (cell
  3. @AJ Young I'd also love to see example look books for formatting and layout purposes. Is it cool if I email you as well? Thank you. Great question @Trent Watts
  4. Thank you David and Phil. I was curious of the use case for this aspect ratio. I mostly work on 1:78:1 deliverables and mostly web content. I'm just a curious cat.
  5. Hello, When would be a use to film in 4K DCI or 2K DCI (1.90:1)? I apologies if this seems like a obvious answer but I have found a obvious answer and thought It’d be best to ask experienced Camera Crew. Thank you for your time.
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