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  1. I have shoot this week where I'll be out all day without access to a camera car or a refrigerator (anything where I can safely stash my exposed film cans). My question is, if I have a black tote bag and keep it in the shade, will the film be ok for the day until I arrive home to stock it in the freezer? Thank you for the help! Sean Dahlberg
  2. Thank you Phil for the helpful reply, what you said is making some sense to me Just for my own curiosity, if I were to make a timeline in Premiere I would make my 16x9 option 1080x608 and my 1x1 option 1080x1080, correct?
  3. Hello All, Does anyone in here have experience in shooting super 16 for an Instagram finish? If so, in what ways were you able to achieve this without degrading your images? For an upcoming shoot, the client wants both a 1.85 finish and a finish for Instagram; what's the smartest way to go about this? Thank you for your help and consideration in answering this question!
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