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  1. Hi Simon I mean, I have a tested spring ready to replace the old overwound "broken" one. But this is definitely an interesting point. Maybe the issue lies with me meddling with perfectly good Soviet tech 😂 Many thanks
  2. Hi Dom Thanks for your response and the attached links. I really appreciate it, and you make a valid point. I would be replacing the "broken" spring with a replacement I bought a while back. However, I am intrigued to hear that maybe there is nothing wrong with the spring at all. Thanks for this info @Simon Wyss . The issue with the current spring is extreme overwinding, to the extent the film slows down after only a couple of seconds. The camera is quite a nice incarnation of the K-3 compared to the later 80s models, hence my interest in getting the thing running properly. Many thanks
  3. Hello Simon Thank you for your reply. I have looked into these online, and will give them a try. Hopefully this will solve the issue. Kind regards Calum
  4. Greetings So the issue is removing the reverse-thread two-hole screw in the middle of the Krasnogorsk-3 winder. I am reasonably skilled in the camera dissembling department, but cannot fathom how to unscrew this piece without ruining the entire component. There have been words on these forums about a "special tool" that can slot into these two holes and work off the screw, but I have been unable to source a specific product or method to remove said screw. The screw is on there very tight, and I have tried the "two small screwdrivers" in each hole to no joy. And it seems a crying shame to ruin an otherwise decent piece of chrome. I can't imagine changing the spring of a broken K-3 to be too rare an occurrence, so if anyone could tell me how to unscrew this little bastard, I would be very grateful. Many thanks 🙏
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