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  1. Hey Zahi, Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's very helpful. For me it only seems like the downside of this course is the duration. It's about only 2 weeks, right? I was looking for a more intensive and longer experience, that's why I thought the Maine Media Workshop would be more appropriate to me. But being located in LA seems like it's one of the best parts of it, definitely. I would love to study in Europe, I was almost applying for a Masters in the UK but I found some negative responses about the course I was choosing (Cinematography af Goldsmiths). Plus I started thinking that if I really want to work with filmmaking I should go to a place that has the strongest industry of all, specially considering the possibility of networking the course offers and maybe even getting a job there in the future. Or maybe that's not possible at all and I'm just being too optimistic. Anyway, loved hearing about your experience!
  2. Hey Zahi, Did you actually take one of those courses? I got really interest in the Maine Media and Afilm ones and would like to know anyone's thoughts on them. I'm from Brazil and open to travel to different places so I can learn with the best!
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