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  1. Ep 2 Legend Daniel Pearl,ASC joins us! From Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the most prolific Music Video DP to ever live. Such Artists as Michael Jackson,Guns and Roses,Rolling Stones,Mariah Carey,Donna Summer,Elton John,Berlin,Duran Duran. Epic stories for everyone to enjoy!
  2. 15 year old Post,would love to keep this thread alive! Harris forever.
  3. Looking to mimic 320T 5277,with a custom picture LUT,on my C300 Mii. I have the film stocks spatial frequency, relative log exposure, and wavelength (nm) and access to a testing facility. Could this info be transformed into a custom picture setting? I havent seen any exact LUT,in my research.
  4. CLog 2 has a limiter on it,and will not reach 100 IRE for highlights.👍 You can see on your waveform.Highlights protected! I was told by the higher ups,to stay in Clog2.
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