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  1. This is a double 8 camera, but since there’s no sub-forum for the brand of camera or format I figured this would sit nicely here. I recently purchased two “working” Leicina cameras off ebay. Neither are ready to shoot film. They both suffer from the same issue: When loaded with film, they only generate enough torque to shoot when set at 24fps. The camera only has two FPS settings: 16, and 24. I usually shoot 18 or 16 to conserve film, so being able to shoot at 16fps is important. I’ve opened them up and done some light cleaning, checked the contacts, etc. I put grease on one spot directly be
  2. Looking for a Beaulieu TR-8. Willing to trade or buy. I've got a ton of 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm gear, along with 35mm, medium and large format cameras. Not concerned about the condition as long as it runs. Frankly I'd be interested in non-working models that are in good physical condition. Hoping to find one before Christmas. If you know of any place I might look, I'd love some advice. I've kept my eye on ebay, joined France's rakuten, and recently got catawiki. So far no luck. Sadly I found one on Rakuten, but the seller cancelled the sale for no apparent reason...quite a let down. So close!
  3. I’ve missed some recently on fleabay, but I figured someone on the boards may have one to sell. Anyone? Anyone? Thanks, Joel
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