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  1. Thanks for the advice! I've done a couple of tests with some 18fps footage I had available. Was able to get a pretty good result slowing this down with a frame blend with premiere pro. Just wondered about the 9fps as I thought it may give that more natural blur (although ultimately for my desired effect I think id' have to slow down and add some blending) + 9fps gives me quite a bit more film time!
  2. Adam Page

    Low FPS Effect

    Hey there, Looking at shooting a scene on my Canon 814xls and I want to achieve an effect like the below. I know you can achieve similar by slowing down and blending frames.. My question is.. If I shoot 9fps with a shutter angle of 150, will I be able to achieve this naturally. Also i'd probably be getting the film scanned at 24fps. Would I be able to simply slow down or interpret the footage as 9fps to achieve such results? Many thanks.
  3. Hey there, just wondering if anyone here has experience with the Canon 1014 AZ super 8? I have recently come across one and everything seems to work, except the automatic light metre. Is there anyway to fix this, either myself or professionally ? thanks in advance
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