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  1. Hi everyone, Im shooting a dentist on a white cyc as he does a tutorial and want to change the background to a blue/green color.Since the studio Im going to shoot in is prelit with space lights for the background I was thinking what the easiest way to do this to get the most evenly lit background.I want to avoid gelling the space lights if I can because Im basically doing lighting and camera by myself.I have an idea and wanted to share to get your thoughts.Im thinking of keeping the space lights at 5600k and for my main light a 300d mkii Im thinking of dropping a 1/4 cto and 1/8 minus gr
  2. Hey AJ Young.This could very well work.I haven't worked with mirrors before so this is new to me.I will get my hands on them and test this out.Thank you!
  3. Hey Miguel,I really like this idea.This could be a good option.Unfortunatly there is only one window and I would need to hide the main light somewhere for the wide shot so that the window doesn't clip too much.Thanks.
  4. This is the window on the right side of the living room. This living room is from another scene.There will be people sitting and watching tv.
  5. Hi.I will be shooting a streaming series pilot soon and I am trying to figure out what the best solution is to light day light interiors without big lights.Is there a way to bounce light in a way that would look natural? The grip truck I will get has 1 Arri m18,couple joker 800ws and a couple Arri s60s.There is a scene in a 2nd floor master bedroom and the only way I can reach to the windows is with a scissor lift.Im trying to figure out the most efficient way to light these scenes because we will be moving from one bedroom to another in one day.Good thing is we won't be moving locations.This
  6. I am looking to buy a decent HDMI wireless video transmitter & receiver that doesn't brake the bank.I don't need super long distance just something that has good reliability and works at least 50ft in one room.I know Teradek is the standard but if anyone knows a good one that is less expensive please let me know.Thanks
  7. Hey Bruce thank you for your feedback.I appreciate it.Its so hard to find the right music but I'm still on the search for it.I think I know which ones your talking about.I just added some in to change it up a bit but I will end up removing some of them.Would love to know more about what shots should go or cut short so it doesn't get boring.Thanks again.
  8. Hi my name is Varuj and I am a new member.I am happy to be here and would love to get some critique from professionals on how to make my reel more effective.I would like to hear anything you would like to say.The cameras used are mostly the Sony a7iii,Fuji xt3, and Red.Thank you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqK_81iTthk Here is a link to the previous reel I made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpPKl2ozo4s&t=5s
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