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  1. Thanks for the reply. It were not screw-in focus rods. They were connected via wooden camera universal baseplate system. Had tried all the torque levels faces the same issue. Was using canon cine prime lenses.
  2. Thanks for reply. Alas the shoot is over now and had to pull focus without focusing system. Had tried to tighten the rods, motor, also had held the motor gently to the lens, nothing worked. But I’m keen to find a solution so I don’t face this issue in future.
  3. On a current shoot of music video I’m facing a bit of technical glitch around which I’m unable to get a solution and needed your advice. Setup - Red Raven, Cforce plus motor, AMC-1, SXU -1 Issue - When calibrating the cforce motor, the motor rotates the lense in both directions, however at some point the motor disengages the wheel teeth from the lens ring teeth. Tried two different cforce motors on 2 different lenses, tried to use various size wheels on cforce Motor, however the doesn’t work. Tried to connect the cforce on both left and right side of the lens as well. I’m unsure when’s I’m doing wrong, or missing some step. Your help and advice will really save my day.
  4. Tried, it it doesn't give an option to restore. It gives an option only to format 😞
  5. Let me see if I can try the restore media option. I have tried multiple card readers.
  6. Hi, For a film, we used Sony F55 and we used 2 SxS Pro 128 GB cards and 2 SxS 64GB cards. The issue we are facing with the 64GB cards, we recorded on them, however as soon as we connect it to MAC for Cloning we are getting error message " The disk you inserted was not readable on this computer" We tried to connect on Windows PC as well, we are getting similar error. When we insert the cards back to the camera, we get an error message"Media(A)needs to be formatted. Please unprotect and reinsert media" Before use all the cards we formatted in the camera and no error was received while recording or playback. Could you please advise solution so that we can recover the data from the cards, because recording again is not feasible at the moment. Thanks. Harshad
  7. This seems to be an interesting move from Red. Is trying to hit the $10k camera market. Will follow this camera as well before deciding.
  8. Hey Phil, Thanks for the reply. Yes it seems worth saving and waiting for with FX9 or C500 m2(both FF), also with rumours of C300M3 launch around. Having said that BM ursa mini 4.6K and Panasonic EVA1, provide similar specs at lower cost. Any comments about industry acceptance for these two cameras would really be helpful. Regards, H.
  9. Hi, In the current scenario, with price of C300M2 and FS7M2 almost same at around $9000, needed a suggestion as to which one to go for. The camera would be used to shoot fiction, documentaries and corporate films. Also when not in use by myself, I plan to rent it out. I understand from previous threads that producers are usually asking for FS7. Being fairly new to the industry, I needed to know if producers globally ask for FS7 or in just some specific countries. As this would be my first cinema camera, I would like to know which camera will pay for itself sooner? Thanks H
  10. Hi All, I’m about to shoot a fiction in upcoming days. And the camera options provide to me are Sony F55 or Sony FS7 M1. We would we shooting prores due to budget constraints in post. Hence I needed your inputs on which one should I select. I understand that the Sony F55 has its advantages with global shutter and raw recording with R5 extension. However as we would be primarily shooting prores, should I select F55 or FS7. Thanks, H
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