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  1. Hi Thomas, yes, I had bought a nice one with all the 3 Schneider lenses. It was end of December. Then I got it serviced and upgraded by Mr. Bogner, who cleaned, lubricated and installed a new focusing screen (much brighter), new eyepiece and new gum part which couples to the tip of the motor. I also bought two 120 meters film magazines by him and he also checked them. I had to solve the issue of the battery, which I made by myself (8x 18650 Lithium cells to produce 8 volt and several amperes for the huge motor). I had to make a decent battery back which I have inserted in a small camera case (those for the compact cameras). Mr Bogner also sold me a cable for the camera, I arranged the connectors ecc. Then I had to find lens caps. I also acquired, at a very nice price a tele athenar 230 and the original compendium. I have also found a nice shoulder rig and a head for a tripod. Then I purchased film from Orwo. I bought by selling a lot of old stuff on ebay. We are in middle of April now, and finally I have an idea for a decent script.... let´s see!
  2. Good morning, I have a stupid question about the loading of the external 400ft film magazine for the Arriflex 16st camera. This video shows how to do that very well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HchILue86uE&t=394s My question is: when the light can be switched on? When the magazine has been completely loaded (in darkness of course)? Or shall the loading inside the Arriflex camera be made also in dakness? In other words, once you close the external magazine and you have the small loop of film exiting from it, is it safe to switch on the light? Thank you so much! Marco
  3. Very nice link! I think I can manage to do one in the company!
  4. I have a nice Arriflex 16st camera, however, I don´t own the power connector. Does somebody know the name of such connector?
  5. I forgot to activate the automatic notifications, therefore I missed your replies, sorry 😔 However, I saw that camera but I did not buy that, because it was not in good conditions. I have found one Arriflex on Ebay with 3x lenses and already contacted Georg Bogner from Camera Service International in Munich for a complete revision. Since I am based in Germany, that would be the best option, according to what I have read around. He has replied to me already and gave me his availabilty to check the camera.
  6. Hello, I am a bit familiar with analog technologies and film cameras. I own a Beaulieu R16. Tomorrow I could have the possibility to see an Arriflex 16st, with a motor (fixed for 25 frame/sec), cables, CIne-Xenon 1.4/25mm. What shall I check in order to be sure to decide to buy it or not? External battery I can build by myself.
  7. I have bought a bottle of FilmGuard, which is the best that I could get. Your point to clean the projector better is good, I will do that because it requires a nice cleaning.
  8. Dear all, I hope not to be too much off-topic. I have recently purchased a Bauer P6 16mm projector, which I immediately gave to a technician for a revision, after many years of life. It works now very well with some recent movies which I bought, mainly some documentaries. Projection is smooth are relatively silent. I have also acquired some beautiful copies of masterpieces like: "Strike!", "Potemkin" (S.M. Eisenstein), "Roma citta´ aperta" (Rossellini). I have carefully cleaned them with a dedicated film cleaner (purchased from Van Eck in NL), which is removing dirt, grease and evaporating fast. I have the impression that the film shall be also lubricated, because these films are very old and, when projected, they make more noise and sometimes the image is not perfectly stable. They look very "dry", I don´t know if anyone ever lubricated them in the past. I am therefore searching for a suitable product to lubricate them, and I found the Filmguard cleaner. It is very expensive, I know, but I would not risk to lubricate my expensive and precious films with self-made recipies. Can somebody tell me if mine is a good idea? Your experiences? Thanks a lot!!!
  9. Dear all, I am going to finish to develop the 300 meters of Double-x 7222 in 16mm. Now I need to start to think about a good telecine. Do you have suggestions for a reliable laboratory in Germany/Netherland/Italy? There are so many services active and it is easy to get confused. Thank you! Marco
  10. Hello! I know how to load the developing reel. But I am not sure how should I put the film on the reel which is normally used in projection (not in this case, since the film is a negative) or in the telecine. I don´t want to load the processed film in the reel in the wrong way...
  11. Dear all, I feel really ashamed with the question I am going to make. I have finished the filming phase of my new project and I am going to start to develop the film material I have used. In particular I will develop something like 270-280 meters of 16mm film (Kodak 7222)! I don´t have other references and therefore I don´t know how to load the film in the reel. I want to do it properly, in order to avoid that the film will be uncorrectly loaded in the reel. Can you please help me? Do you have some drawing which can help me? Thanks a lot!
  12. Unfortunately there are not Beaulieu labels on it. I have the temptation to leave it at home and to take a small battery pack which I have made by myself and is shown below. What do you think?
  13. Dear all, I am sorry for keeping posting many questions in these days... I own a Beaulieu R16 with the handgrip which you can see in the following photo. You should know that I have a sort of constant paranoia against airport security check. Does anyone has bad experience with these kind of accessories? I have fear that they can be worried about it, cannot understand what is it, increase the X-ray dose and damage the films which I will transport in the same bag. Or that they will not allow me to keep it and therefore will not be able to run the camera. Do you have any suggestion for me? No worries?
  14. I was considering: ZOOM H1n TASCAM Dr-05X both with the dead cat. Which one is the best one? More than this I cannot afford...
  15. Dear all, thanks a lot for your hints.
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