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  1. Dear all, I am going to finish to develop the 300 meters of Double-x 7222 in 16mm. Now I need to start to think about a good telecine. Do you have suggestions for a reliable laboratory in Germany/Netherland/Italy? There are so many services active and it is easy to get confused. Thank you! Marco
  2. Hello! I know how to load the developing reel. But I am not sure how should I put the film on the reel which is normally used in projection (not in this case, since the film is a negative) or in the telecine. I don´t want to load the processed film in the reel in the wrong way...
  3. Dear all, I feel really ashamed with the question I am going to make. I have finished the filming phase of my new project and I am going to start to develop the film material I have used. In particular I will develop something like 270-280 meters of 16mm film (Kodak 7222)! I don´t have other references and therefore I don´t know how to load the film in the reel. I want to do it properly, in order to avoid that the film will be uncorrectly loaded in the reel. Can you please help me? Do you have some drawing which can help me? Thanks a lot!
  4. Unfortunately there are not Beaulieu labels on it. I have the temptation to leave it at home and to take a small battery pack which I have made by myself and is shown below. What do you think?
  5. Dear all, I am sorry for keeping posting many questions in these days... I own a Beaulieu R16 with the handgrip which you can see in the following photo. You should know that I have a sort of constant paranoia against airport security check. Does anyone has bad experience with these kind of accessories? I have fear that they can be worried about it, cannot understand what is it, increase the X-ray dose and damage the films which I will transport in the same bag. Or that they will not allow me to keep it and therefore will not be able to run the camera. Do you have any suggestion for me? No worries?
  6. I was considering: ZOOM H1n TASCAM Dr-05X both with the dead cat. Which one is the best one? More than this I cannot afford...
  7. Dear all, thanks a lot for your hints.
  8. Dear all, I have a stupid question. During my next reportage, which I will shoot on 16 mm film, I would like to record some environmental sound/voices I don´t have any intention to synchronize anything, just to record some sounds which I will then integrate in the digitalization of the film. I am looking for a portable, easy to use, not expensive, digital small-audio recorder. I am totally confused by the thousands of models available. I was, for example, finding an OLYMPUS WS-852, or something similar. Do you have any experience with these devices? Thank you
  9. Dear Bob, thank you for your comment! Actually, the music could not be too much "happy". Children are smiling, but many of them are living in terrible conditions (no food, drugs, sexual abuse, destroyed families, etc..). Therefore I was thinking that an happier music could have given a wrong message.
  10. Dear all, it is my pleasure for me to present you my first short movie, filmed in the Nairobi´s slums, in January 2019. I do that with a lot of humility from my side, since I am doing that on a forum with high quality content like this. The film is dedicated to Nairobi´s kids and it is a denounce of the terrible life conditions in these Ghettos. I have worked with a Super 8 camera, using Tri-x film, which has been self developed and scanned by Van Eck in Nederland. I hope that you can appreciate it!
  11. As usual, thank you very much for all the information and your replies!
  12. Dear all, a friend of mine offered to give me 400ft of 16 mm film stock. I must spool it down to 100ft spools to use it in my camera. I have a darkroom equipped with the winders you can find below: I was thinking that a single "passage from the larger spool to the smaller would be sufficient. But now, thinking about it, I think that this is not correct. I am totally confused how shall I do that and since I don´t want to waste meterial, I am asking you. Can you suggest me a tutorial?
  13. Hi all, I have just tried the Kodak Eastman 7222. I have taken a short footage and started the developing tests. I get very nice results with the usual D76.
  14. red label: D76, 1:1 12 minutes yellow label: D76, 1:1 10,5 minutes
  15. Here I am! I think the camera is working! red label: D76, 1:1 12 minutes yellow label: D76, 1:1 10,5 minutes
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