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  1. I forgot to mention this was shot with RED Scarlet-W, Sigma Cine lens. the shot at 0:21(24mm, ISO400, WB5600, 24fps, 180shutter) was basically all natural light there is a big window with curtains and i basically used them to "flag" off the wall as much as i could and then hazed up the room. that was it for light on that one. I agree i wish i could've made her face brighter or "wrapped" the light a bit more or maybe had her "cheat" a bit so her face would match his more. I run into this situation a lot where it looks good natural and I would be tempted to add a light to "wrap" the natural sunlight to her face but it seems like when i start down that road in the past it always feels like too much or too fake. So ive learned I'm happier with just letting it go dark and be natural. If anyone has advice on this I would appreciate it. Another issue i came across with this scene was that i shot it at iso400 and it looked even darker than it currently is. I put the iso at 800 in post and denoised it in the grade. Im wondering if I'm shooting stuff too dark. I was trying to think what i could've done differently to achieve a brighter/more even feel with this scene but also keep the same mood. What I came up with was that i could've silked/sheers the window and brought it down a stop but also softened the light and it would've spilled around more. Then i would've stoped up or taken the ND out (i think i was on .6) which would've brought the shadow level up but wouldn't over expose the highlights. Anyone have thoughts on that technique ? For the shot at 0:14 (50mm, ISO400, WB5600, 24fps, 180shutter) and anything else with the rancher scene I made a quick breakdown that i hope helps explain the set up. I hung/hid 3 titan tubes in a pattern between the rafters. I put them on the back side to cover then up in the shot then turned them to make the ambient pools of light. The 2 are working in the background well and i added a 3rd on a stand just camera left to bring up the level on the wood in the foreground. I didn't necessarily like how it was spilling onto the girls face. I think they were set around 40% and 3600k The key light was a cob300d with the light dome at 100% daylight balanced. that was parked outside through a small barn window and it was just hitting him. Then i hazed up the background and there was a door that is being blocked by the wall frame right. I kept playing with how far to crack that door open to let the light spill/flag off the rest of the light on the wight garage door. I hope my drawing help. Let me know if I can clarify anything thanks for the feedback!
  2. I wanted to get some opinions on things i could improve on. I was DP on this so mostly looking for input on DP stuff like lighting ect. but would also love to hear opinions on anything else. thanks
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