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  1. I have a Sound Devices mixer 302, used for one long documentary project. In excellent condition, comes with Porta Brace 302B carrying case, cables and instruction manual. https://www.sounddevices.com/product/302/ PHOTOS - https://photos.app.goo.gl/hMDeW7nEbP1YLE8d8 Expected Price US $1335. Can ship anywhere at buyers cost.
  2. Wish to sell my Sony TC-D5 PRO II recorder in excellent condition. Used for only one feature length documentary. The accessories include a syn pulse generator and micro resolver made by FILM GROUP Sony TC-D5 PRO II capstan servo contro stereo casesette corder,Ferrite and ferrite head, Dolby NR Neck strap leather cover FILM GROUP Sync pulse generator 50- 60 Hz with connector FILM GROUP Micro resolver with servo output cable Type 50 AC adapter 12 volts for the Micro resolver
  3. I wish to sell my Sony TC-D5 PRO audio cassette recorder in excellent condition with the following accessories. It was used for only one feature length documentary filmed over two years and completed in 2001. Sony TS-D5 PRO II Film group syn pulse generator Film group micro resolver DC adapter All necessary cables.
  4. I am using a Kinotehnik EVF with the Panasonic GH 4. To record 10 bit Pro Res, I wish to hire an external recorder like the Atomos Ninja Blade. Wish to know if any one here in the forum has experienced latency issues when the EVF is connected to the HDMI out of the Ninja Blade. Thanks
  5. I use the Fotodiox adapter to mount Nikon AI series lenses on Canon 5D Mark II. They are fairly good and you get the pro version for about $ 80. access the following url http://fotodioxpro.com/index.php/lens-mount-adapters.html hope this helps
  6. I have filmed some material using the canon 5D at 30 frames NTSC , now we have to convert all the material to PAL . will be a great help if anyone has the experience doing it. We have tried some conversions but its adding jitters and noise. thanks .
  7. I have a 12-120mm Angeniux zoom with a C mount. It came with the Beaulieu R-16 PZ . I wish to replace the C mount with a PL or NIKON mount. Converters dont work because you only get C mount to Nikon mount adapters and not the other way round. Seeking info on possibilities to change the mount. Thanks best
  8. I have a SONY TC-D5 PRO II Audio Recorder with THE FILM GROUPS Micro resolver and 60/50 Hertz sync pulse generator in excellent condition. used for only two film projects. Any interested buyers please contact.
  9. I have a Angeniux 12-120mm lens that came with my Beaulieu R16 . I have not been using this camera for a long while. I used the lens on a ECLAIR ACL II for my last film project. Moving away from film I am increasingly filming on Video these days. Will be great if I could find a way to adapt the C mount lens to fit the Sony EX-3. Any suggestions? Thanks best
  10. Hi Greg, thanks for your query, I do have the camera and magazines . I haven't used the camera since my last documentary in 2000. If you are interested in the set please let me know. I have a Nikon to C mount adapter also. Thanks best vinod
  11. Vinod Raja


    Hi friends, wish to share a problem I faced using a DVX 100A . I have been filming a docu for the past three years using this camera. On the edit i found a few shots looking soft,the one's that have strong backlight on the subject. I have done eye focus in all the cases and cut the flare on lens. I am sure the lens is in good shape because even low light shots are sharp. Thanks best
  12. Friends , I have filmed about ninety mini Dv tapes on my Panasonic 102A( 100A)over the past one and a half years, logged the shots and prepared a batch list . On trying to capture the batch list , the final cut pro showed repeated time code errors and capturing stopped . I tried using a DSR11 and changed over to try a DSR 45P, no luck. Finally i lined up the Panasonic camera for capture and it seamlessly , effortlessly went through. In the light of this experience I Wish to pose two question to the forum # why does this happen when the SMPTE time code is a standard feature # is it alright and safe to use the panasonic 102 A camera to trasfer more than 200 mini Dv tapes into the computer seeking your experience Thanks best vinod
  13. I do own a Panasonic 102 A ,I guess, its a PAL camera made for the Asian market , recently i comapred it with my friends NTSC 100A , no difference except for the 24 frames option that the 100A has. The 102A does not have the 24 frames option in the progressive mode. it only runs at 25 frames. Thanks hope this info is useful
  14. Hi! wish to sell my Beaulieu R16 PZ with servo zoom and auto exposure option in good working condition. camera comes with two 200 ft magazines, Syn Pulse generator , 12- 120mm Angenieux with 85 B Filters and Tiffen filter holder series 9. Please quote your offers, camera in good condition.
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