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  1. That's what I'm looking for. Also to make use with a f35 down the road 🙂 Aha! That's a good tip! The global shutter on the f55 is a big advantage, but how do they compare image wise? I read some prefering the f3 to be more towards the f35 (highlight roll of etc). I've stared and read myself a little blind, but do really like the images I've seen from all of them
  2. I see! Thank you. I was a little quick on the trigger. One of the listings I was looking at appears to be for two cameras. I’m thinking to use the Odyssey 7q as recorder, but it could be interesting if I’ll be going to the states sometime.
  3. Looking at the F3 as an option for ‘upgrading’ from a GH5. I’m all for IQ and HD is completely fine, at the same time I want the functionality of a proper cinema/camcorder camera. But I’m a little confused if the F3L is another version, or if it’s the same. Prices on eBay depending on the L is also two completely different worlds. Can’t seem to find info on this. Can anyone enlighten me? Much appreciated
  4. Ah ok! In that case it could be more interesting for me. Thanks again!
  5. Got the adapter for my GH5 set-up and I enjoy the image, don’t mind the softness and the crop/speed with the speedbooster is fine. But some valid points you guys mention. Restrictions can be very creative, but the focal reducer would make at least some degree of versatility. Ah yes. I just discard anything fisheye-y, but guess it could be nice for special shots. How is the interest for them? I’m curious to see how the interest for MF still lenses will develop in conjuction with camera releases, and hopefully someone will make that PL adapter+focal reducer for these in particular. Hasselblad MF lenses are rehoused with the option of an additional focal reducer in Finland, but unfortunately only compatible with their rehoused lenses (somehow). Thanks for your input. Will continue to look at other options.
  6. Curious to know if anyone here has experience with shooting medium format lenses like the M645s on PL mount S35 cameras. I have a Sekor C 35mm lens that I've played around with a little on my GH5 with adapter and speedbooster. It's the shortest of the M645 set, so tending toward normal as far as FoV go on this set up, but I can work with that and I quite like the look of it. So a little eager to make a kit of them, but I'm trying to figure out if these kind of lenses can make sens on PL mount cameras like the Sony F35 as well. I find a M645 to PL mount adapter which looks solid, but unfortunately no focal reducer. Is there such a thing or maybe someone who custom makes? Or maybe there are some other lense options too concider?
  7. Brief intro as I'm a new member here and this is my second post (first one also being an introduction). I'm an art student, joining in for technical and practical guidance and knowledge, and at the same time looking to invest in equipment in order to develop my filmmaking practice. Looking to buy a Sony F35 with the interface. Selling offers or any leads, highly appreciated 🙂
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