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  1. I just locked in an Arri Mini LF to shoot this week. It seems amazing and I trust Arri and always have. But, I am weary to shoot with it on a remote location this early in the game. My gut is telling me to just shoot a Mini. Anyone out there have any advice?
  2. Hey there! Right now I am prepping a shoot that has a scene in a snowy winter forest. Originally the budget was available to really light a large section of the forest up with artificial moonlight and call it a day. But now, the shoot has been broken up into 2 units shooting all the snow exteriors on location for a fraction of the budget (Just a little bigger than skeleton crew) and then all the interiors on a stage in a city that has more production resources for that can work with the budget. The project is a dark/horror theme with vampires in the forest about to bite a deserving subject out of vengeance. It is a quick beat but the end of the project. Simplicity is the goal here. CAMERA Arri Mini LF Cooke Anamorphics Arri Raw UNITS M18 2 S60 Skypanels 6x6 / 8x8 (Ultra Bounce/Silk/Light Grid) Light Control (Flags, Floppies, skinned frames 250, 216,grid) PLAN - My mind is telling me to hoist of the 8x8 Frame with an ultra bounce and blast the M18 into it, letting the light fall light moonlight. Then I want to take the Skypanels and paint the background for depth. I am interested and open to any suggestions for lighting this scene. I am curious about any tricks I may not know about. I am worried about under lighting the scene, so want to have enough moonlight as key. Thanks for taking the time everyone!
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