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  1. Hello guys, What are some great programs for Storyboarding and doing Floor plans that you guys know of?
  2. Hello guys, I 'collect' locations to present for directors as sort of a trademark of me as a cinematographer. Do any of you have any remarkable ways of archiving your locations? Program / Online / Local All the best Malthe
  3. Dear fellow filmmakers, I'm having a hard time finding top notch resources for learning more about lighting. Anyone know of any great (free) webpages, magazines, instagrams etc. ? I'm particularly interested in 'expressive/creative lighting', examples of use of cutter flags, explanations from features, etc, preferably from someone working in the field. All the best from Copenhagen, Malthe Ejlers (see my latest work below for the type of filmmaking I do)
  4. What more helpful answer could I have wished for. Thanks a lot, David... Best Malthe
  5. Hello fellow cinematographers, My director wants to shoot a DAY EXT that has a certain gloomy night feel to it. How would you go about getting a "night look feel" shooting in DAY EXT. See attached reference frame.
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