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  1. Hello everyone, I've been reading this thread along with this one : https://cinematography.com/index.php?/topic/49769-post-your-wide-angle-shots-here/ and am a bit confused. I know these are both old threads, but nothing seemed definitive on which lenses worked. Has anyone got any new information? I apologize if this is somewhere else, I'm a bit new to the website. Ted, I also have a Beaulieu 4008zmii. The footage you took with they mystery lens looked very good from what it seems. I've got a 6-80mm lens. Very nice lens, but doesn't quite do the job in tight spaces and I would like to have that intimate feeling you get with wide angle lenses. Especially with people in a tight room, car, etc... Did you end up finding something wider that you liked? Or anyone else, did you come to any conclusions on which ultra wide angle lenses work well for the Beaulieu? Thank you
  2. Hello hive mind, im shooting in a large corner set, With 3 Arri650 fresnels. When shooting wide shots, I always get shadows from the set pieces close to the walls. can someone explain to me how to get rid of them? the Arris are set up in a 3 point triangle formation about 5/6ft high pointing slightly downwards. Do I need a fill light/panel light Directly above the walls pointing at them? or what should I do? im usually working in art dept, so please excuse my green question. thanks, g
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