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  1. Thanks guys, amazing advice from everyone. Got the studio to black out the windows so we'll have loads more control. Got some time set in the studio next week for testing so we'll see how we get on with our LED package. Got an Aputure spotlight attachment and a few gobos & plants so we'll fire light through those and fill with 2x LED through diffusion. Or might use one for fill through diffusion & one as hair light from above. Thanks again!
  2. Upcoming summer fashion shoot for a sunglasses campaign. The creative requires throwing shadows into the space to emulate sunlight coming through a window/casting shadows through exotic plants etc. We're working on a bit of a tight budget, looking for recommendations on how to light a space like below (it's a photography studio), to achieve close to the look on the example storyboard from the client. There's a lot of natural light in the studio space so we'll need a good bit of light to create a decent contrast ratio between sunlight & shadow. I'm thinking potentially
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