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  1. I've been looking into getting some Low-Con filters to play around with some potential looks for an upcoming project I have. I've briefly used some DigiCon's before, but not extensively. Wanted to know what everyone's opinions are on the various forms of LowCon filtering - DigiCon, Black Mist, Black Satin etc. Do you personally like them/what has been your experience using them? Would you prefer to lower contrast in-camera with a filter, or do it in post? Are there major advantages to doing it in-camera vs post, other than seeing in-camera what the final effect looks like? As far as I'm aware these filters also have halation properties? So creating a "softness" around light sources? I'm mostly interested in a subtle effect so would likely be wanting a 1/8 or 1/4. In terms of filter-stacking does it matter where in the stack these sit? Thanks in advance for any discussion/advice DQ
  2. Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading from my current setup and wanted some advice. I currently own and have happily used an Easy Rig Cinema 3 500N for years. But the payload capacity weight range is very narrow, and my needs have been branching outside of this - I've been making do but am thinking that getting a more broadly suitable vest may be wise at this point. So I have been eyeing up the Vario 5 as it has a much broader payload range - do you think it's a worthwhile upgrade? What have your experiences with the vest been like? I also want to know about the STABIL arm attachment - do you find this a useful/worthwhile tool? I'm curious about it and considering getting both together. Looking forwards to hearing people's thoughts, many thanks. DQ
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