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  1. Hello good people of cinematography, I'm making my diploma film soon and as a student there are many limitations to my shooting, but nobody stopping us from dreaming big right? So I've decided to shoot with tele lenses and have deep focus, as much as possible. And this is for the shots that I'm taking in the interiors of an apartment which is on the fourth floor. Ofcourse that would require more lights and space to shoot. Since I don't have a lot of liberty for either, I was thinking that I could increase my hyperfocal distance by shooting into a mirror? People who have done this before, what are the pros and cons of it? Should I take this step or I can do soemething else outside of the box? Looking forward to hear all of your opinions on this. Thankyou! 🙂
  2. Hello there, I'm an amateur gaffer andI've had this light plan in my head for a while that ive been working on where I'm going to use two M18s pointed at a mirror and then back into the main window of the house. Decided to use a reflective material close to a mirror instead of an actual mirror keeping in mind the danger that comes with using it since the location is very space restricted and is on the second floor(it's heavy, can break etc). Now on the execution stage, I started testing out the materials I am going to use for this project. I tried LEE diffusions 271 which is a mirror sheet that reflects a hard source back but it gave me concentrated hot-spots instead of a clean reflection. Then I tried mirror foil, it had the same characteristics. Now I'm out of ideas as to how I should go about it. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong with the materials but can't figure it out. 😞 Shoot date is extremely close and I dont have a plan B!!!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply! I was planning to bounce the two 2.5Ks on a mirror reflector, which then travels through the window which has a full frost on it. Since we're shooting wide frames on really small apertures like 8 and 11 during day time, I was thinking maybe we'll need this intensity of light. A 2.5kw and a 1.2kw may work in this situation, I will consider that, thankyou!! But do you think it'll be able to give us an output for those f stops? There's also an option to get two M18s. I'm attaching the picture of the location so you get an idea of the space I'm talking about. Thankyou again!
  4. I'm an amateur gaffer and I'm working on a project that's to be shot in a house in czech republic which usually has 220v power outlets. This house has two circuits. Would it be possible for me to light the house with these lights if I manage it on two different circuits without it tripping? We do have an option of a generator but it's going to be an issue for sound as well as the building we're shooting in and we can't afford a silent one since it's a student film. Really looking forward for some help. Thankyou!!!
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