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  1. Hmmm seems to still have no signal. Just tried switching back to the Atomos converter and its fine with that one still. 🤔
  2. Thanks for those links! Yeah I am using a convertor! The Atomos converter seems to work fine with all monitor brands and sends a perfect signal. But my AJA converter sends signals to all monitors except a SmallHD.
  3. I am sending a signal from an SR3 tap into an AJA Mini Convertor into a Teradek, which all works fine with TVLogics (Newer and older models), Sony etc. But when trying to send to a SmallHD, I do not get any video. Why would this be? I have also tried setting up with the Atomos Connect Convert rather than my AJA Converter and this will send a signal. What makes my AJA Convertor different and why does it not seem to be compatible with the SmallHD? I have also tried hardwiring direct from the converter, bypassing the Teradek.
  4. Hi all! Just a quick one in regards to my Arriflex SR3 Advanced. The current video tap I have hooked up is the CEI Color 5 Video Assist. Ive been looking into how to make adjustments to the projected image as it is slightly rotated and shifted through the video feed. I know with the Arri IVS system you can make the adjustments by removing the 4 screws by the top handle, but I believe this one is slightly different. Any Suggestions before just digging in? I have already taken it off and made slight adjustments when attaching it back onto the body, but cant get it where it should be. Image focus is fine. If anyone has a manual on this particular model as well, that would be fantastic. The website seems to have been taken down and cant find a manual anywhere! Thanks!! Rhys
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