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  1. Hmmm seems to still have no signal. Just tried switching back to the Atomos converter and its fine with that one still. 🤔
  2. Thanks for those links! Yeah I am using a convertor! The Atomos converter seems to work fine with all monitor brands and sends a perfect signal. But my AJA converter sends signals to all monitors except a SmallHD.
  3. I am sending a signal from an SR3 tap into an AJA Mini Convertor into a Teradek, which all works fine with TVLogics (Newer and older models), Sony etc. But when trying to send to a SmallHD, I do not get any video. Why would this be? I have also tried setting up with the Atomos Connect Convert rather than my AJA Converter and this will send a signal. What makes my AJA Convertor different and why does it not seem to be compatible with the SmallHD? I have also tried hardwiring direct from the converter, bypassing the Teradek.
  4. Hi all! Just a quick one in regards to my Arriflex SR3 Advanced. The current video tap I have hooked up is the CEI Color 5 Video Assist. Ive been looking into how to make adjustments to the projected image as it is slightly rotated and shifted through the video feed. I know with the Arri IVS system you can make the adjustments by removing the 4 screws by the top handle, but I believe this one is slightly different. Any Suggestions before just digging in? I have already taken it off and made slight adjustments when attaching it back onto the body, but cant get it where it should be.
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