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  1. They may have been modified by Arri for lower contrast and increased veiling glare
  2. iAs far as rolling shutters go the Venice is on par with an Alexa from what I've heard. I can't say for certain it will perform adequate for your needs, it will definitely make any dslr or mirrorless camera look like shite. However the Venice has been out for a few years now, so most likely someone somewhere was in a similar situation, best advice I can give is researching statements from people experienced with the Venice. I can't imagine that there aren't any operators that have shot the venice with a CRT monitor in the background somewhere, but what would I know, I can't say that I've shot on a Sony camera
  3. I haven’t really established a budget yet. Right now I’m just taking a look at what’s available and seeing what I’ll benefit from the most.
  4. No I’m wondering whether I would need to filter a mole cool light in order for it to be tungsten. U said something about a glass coating that turns the color temp Closer to daylight. If this is the case then should I avoid molecools as the goal is too have a tungsten light source with a lot of output
  5. I see now thank you very much Mr. Mullen. Would this mean that a mole cool would be difficult to convert to tungsten use. Ik I can just gel it but would the output loss be, given the main reason I’m purchasing this is given the lights large output.
  6. By the way, the model I’m considering purchasing is either the mole Richardson 4711 or possibly 4721
  7. I’m considering buying a mole Richardson tungsten based lighting setup. I like to say for the record I’m not wanting this to turn into a debate ant tungsten vs LED as I’m already feeling overwhelmed with technical terms and whatnot😂. I seeking clarification on some of mole Richardson’s lighting terms, particularly -molefay -molequartz -mole cool - mole par what do these terms mean and how do they correlate with one another. I can assume mole par is their line of parcan lights, but then what does molefay mean cause all their molefay lights just look like smaller mole pars.
  8. No B4 zooms are absolutely considerable, and I should test the crop mode with some old c mount lenses which I've procurred.
  9. I'm curious to see what the options are for ss16 zooms with a M4/3 camera(specifically the Bmpcc4k). I'm aware that when using c mount lenses you'll pretty much always see a vignette and need to crop in on the image, but I've seen people such Wolfcrow use super 16 pl primes on the GH5. He did say that when it comes to the ultra wide focal lengths you'll be out of luck. I'm wondering if there's a relatively affordable zoom that has minimal to no vignetting at least 18 milimeters.
  10. i've never heard of this app. I've seen cinematographers carry a colortemp meter but i had no idea there was an app, great to know!
  11. Ur so right. I should’ve just asked them to begin with, they seem like nice people and there’s no harm in trying I guess
  12. I think these are it it. I imagine these lights will vary given in color given the brand I choose. I'm after more of a greenish yellow rather than than the warm comforting yellow u typically see. I'm wanting that kind of industrial murky look these lights gave off.
  13. No bare with me this is just a quick photo i took with my I phone so it's by no fully means color accurate. I believe the light had a little more of a green cast to it. I can't figure out what the lightbulbs were that this store is using. I wanna say they're sodium vapor, but i don't think this is the case as I live in a pretty old neighboorhood surrounded by sodium vapor street lamps which are alot more orange than this greenish yellow light I saw. See below wondering your guy's thoughts?
  14. Just purchased an ikan vl35, it has a battery plate for lp-e6/n. It works perfect when the ac is plugged into the wall, but won’t turn on with batteries. I’ve tried 2 lp-e6 batteries that are fully charged. I’ve looked everywhere an no one else seems to have this issue. Anyone here had this problem
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