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  1. Hi, I have a new Alexa MiniLF Ready-to-Shoot V-Mount Package for sale. (NIB/0hrs). Alexa MiniLF Body Ready-to-Shoot V-Mount Kit Codex Reader $73,660 USD total Please email at nli@q-films.com or PM if interested. Thanks, Norm
  2. Need to sell soon, dropping price to $37K USD + shipping.
  3. Hi All, I am selling my spare ARRICAM LT 35mm 4-Perf/3-Perf Camera package. Please see the detailed list below: 1x 4 Perforation movement 1x 3 Perforation movement 1x Lite Viewfinder universal 1x Lite Universal Eyepiece 1x Toolset 2x Studio Magazine 300/1000 2x Lite Steadicam Magazine 2x Lite Shoulder Magazine with Collapsible Core 1x Lite Mag to Studio Camera Adapter 1x Studio Zoom Extension 1x Lite Mask Frameglow 1x Heated eyecup HE-4 1x ARRICAM Heated Eyecup Cable KC-63 1x Lite Integrated Video System (IVS), PAL 1x Lite 100% Video Top 1x Lite Camera
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