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  1. Good day. I just wanted to get some advice on the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to Renting out your own equipment to a Production. Is there a type of Formula one can use to get a respectable rate?, are there partnerships you can do with other Camera Assistants? etc. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Thanks so much for help. Really looking forward to working with it for my first time, can barely contain my excitement. Apparently there will be a 7.0 SUP releasing soon. Any news on what this update includes
  3. Good morning everyone. Hoping everyone only the best for the year 2021. I am currently working with a company that wants to get the Arri mini LF for a long term project. Much good is said about this camera especially after the 1917 film. But not much is commonly known about the downsides and challenges (if any) that might be experienced working with the camera. Has anyone encountered issues working with this camera , and if so what solutions might you have come up with to fix. Any help and advice is much appreciated
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