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  1. appreciate all the feedback immensely, guys. From the advise I gleaned here, we ended up checking out a lowel ViP halogen light w/ a snoot from the university here in town. After some tests, using proved a bit ungainly and director didn't like being tethered to a wall outlet. We ditched the idea for most the video. The one scene we did make front-y we used a titan tube attached to the trunk of a car I was shooting out the back of (strapped in, ofc). Not totally the same, but in the same world I think. results here : http://benjaminhandler.com/index.php/galleries/tj-stone-break-the-ba
  2. Hi all, I'm shooting a music video next week, and the artist has given me Earl Sweatshirt's HIVE as a visual reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FcDXL5Aw0o&ab_channel=OFWGKTA I like the circular, creepy front lighting that moves with the camera, but admittedly have never attempted something like this. My guess is attaching a light to the hot-shoe of my camera would get me in the ballpark. That said, the size and shape of the source seem important here. My biggest light (aputure 300D) can be shaped into a circle with the included softbox, but would be too large to mo
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