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  1. Hello, I have a Schneider ULW III for my Leicina's Optivaron 6-66. If I set the ring to M (macro) I get a very blurred vision in the viewfinder. I have done tests where I shot with the ULW attachment with the ring set to normal (infinity) and the result was very blurry. Has this happened to anyone before? @Volker Bendt Have you got footage of what you shot with the ULW on your Optivaron? Thanks, Arnaud
  2. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone had experience making video taps for Super8 cameras. I want to experiment setting up one for my Leicina Special, from my research I found that putting mini cctv type camera through the viewfinder and linking that to an external monitor was the most common way to do it. If that is the best way, are there more appropriate cameras to use for this application in order to have a good quality image from the viewfinder and have synced frame rate? Thanks Arnaud
  3. Hey @Todd Pinder I think it goes from 300£ upwards, so I would recommend finding a technician based in the US. A
  4. @Todd Pinder Seandean in London would do it, but it's not going to be cheap. A
  5. UPDATE: I have fixed the issue. I opened my Leicina special body and noticed that something was stuck in between two gears that enable the shutter mechanism. I found out that it was the daylight filter had happened to have fallen out and get stuck there. For anyone with that same problem, here is a guide to opening the Leicina special: http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Leicina_Special:_Repair A
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my Leicina Special. The same issue mentioned above happened to me quite a few times, but weirdly I managed to fix this by tweaking the 2 screws on the plate where the battery pack gets inserted. This time however, the battery pack is not the issue as automatic zoom works fine, but when I press the shutter release, the camera doesn't run, I simply hear a click, if I remove the lens I can see the shutter moving as I press the shutter release (but not completely closing). Would anyone know what this issue could be, and is there a way to fix this?
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