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  1. EF Mount, not PL. As well as a Vmount/I/O Expander!
  2. Looking to sell a RED Scarlet Dragon 6k Brain and Canon PL Mount. Very low hours and not used since its most recent service in Toronto, Canada. Specs can be found in this link: https://support.red.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011397693-SCARLET-DRAGON-Specs Looking for $9000 CAD or a reasonable trade for other gear, doesn't need to be a camera. I decided to build out two Black Magic rigs instead of building out a rig with this RED, so its in great condition. David
  3. Scarlet Dragon with a 6k sensor for sale in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada! Not used since it’s most recent service in Toronto Ontario last year. Low hours! Includes EF mount! Proving to be a bit too expensive for me to build out so I’m selling the brain for cheap! Specs are as follows: https://support.red.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011397693-SCARLET-DRAGON-Specs
  4. Looking to sell a RED Scarlet Dragon Brain as it’s proving to be a bit expensive for me to build out. I’m willing to part with it for cheap and it has very low hours! Got it serviced in Toronto, Canada and have paperwork to go along with it! It’s currently in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada! Email me if you’d like pictures!
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