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  1. Also you may want to check this out: https://sixteenmillimeter.com/projects/GNAL/ I believe it will fit into existing lomo containers, so you can use it as a daylight tank, and I think some parts are compatible with lomo ones (not sure though, I've never had a lomo, and haven't tried printing any of these parts). Looks like you'll need a bed 226+ mm square to print the 50 foot spiral, and 300+ mm square to print the 100' one. For reference, the spiral I designed is 290mm in diameter, and it barely fits on a 300x300 printer, with a skirt.
  2. I made a few changes and WOW, the film threads on amazing! There is probably one more change I need to make before I try developing with it. I'll also probably test how PLA reacts with photo chemistry. My biggest concern is how it will react to pH changes (PLA is polylactic acid), so stuff like the sulfuric acid in B&W bleach and the alkalinity of developer solutions. Not sure why this one turned out so much better than the last. I'm using an Anycubic Mega X, sliced to .2mm accuracy with I think 50% infill. I may bump that up even further to get higher quality.
  3. Finally did my first printing of the 100' tank today. The print quality is terrible on the printers I have to use, so this is basically unusable. As proof of concept though, its pretty ok. The only filament I have to work with (for free at least) is PLA which doesn't seem to play very well with the spiral shape. The smaller reel I had printed through a service was with ABS and print quality was waaaay higher. To do the 100' tank with that same service would be about $80 shipped. Here's a link to the new stl files too: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qu1SQ5FAhM5b6PxvHa8q-donjY_j9BOj?usp=sharing
  4. Hi all, its been awhile! This summer I got talking with a coworker and friend of mine about film, and the spiral designs I had made. He had a bit more modeling experience than me, and surprised me a couple months ago with a revised version! This is more like the real lomo tank where it can take 8mm or 16mm (its also only about 50 feet long). I did this test print through cloudcraft and the whole thing cost about $40. Super 8 had a problem where it would jump off the track and start to pile up after about 15-20 feet, though with standard 8mm I was able to get the whole roll on. Also when loading standard 8 (16mm) I had to flip the top over so it wouldn't slot into the spacer, it was just a hair too short otherwise. If anyone has any suggestions just from looking at it, or from your experience with lomo tanks, we'd both love to hear it!
  5. I just figured I'd put the files out there in case anyone had access to a printer and wanted to give the tank a go before I get a chance to. The film does load from the center, just like a lomo tank. I figured if you fold the end of the film over, then put the folded part in the top of this groove, it should thread on fine.
  6. Well the files are too big to upload at all I guess, so here's a link to them in my google drive, both in STL format and freecad format: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Qu1SQ5FAhM5b6PxvHa8q-donjY_j9BOj
  7. Hi all, this is my first post here. Over winter break I got bored and decided to try learning some CAD to make a new lomo like spiral tank for 16mm (or in my case double 8), because the results from a Morse G3 just aren't cutting it. Its by no means refined, but in theory it should hold 100' of 16mm film. I was going to do a test 3D print at a local makerspace, but then the pandemic moved in and that plan kinda fell apart. I looked online at a few places that do prototype printing, and the cheapest I found was about $110 including shipping, which is a bit much for me at the moment, but is still cheaper than a lomo on ebay! The picture is of the bottom piece. The film would fit into a slit in the center (you can't quite see it in the pic), then you'd put the top on, use a plain old nut and bolt to hold the two together, and then begin spinning the reel assembly clockwise to wind your film on. I wanted to make it fit inside a 5 gallon bucket, but its a bit too wide, 30 cm in diameter to be exact, so some kind of container would need to be found. If anyone has access to a 3D printer and wants to give this a go, I'd love to see how it turns out. I'll put the STL files up in another post because they're too big to attach here. Let me know what you think!
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