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  1. Thank you very much, Simon and Dom! Very good information. I may take Simon up on his camera service, but I'm still collecting the various bits and pieces - I want to sure I have a sound candidate for long-term use before I invest in a proper clean, lube, and adjust. Dom - thanks for the photos of the B&H turret mount. I wonder how many of the cameras were stripped of their fine lenses by M43 still photographers only to find out they are NOT d-mount!? My 134 is in very nice shape, seems complete and fully operable - except for the lenses. The objectives are all still there .25" - .5"
  2. Trying to find basic maintenance info for my newly-acquired B&H 134 8mm. This one is a Turret model. Still tracking down lenses, but I'd like to at least lubricate and clean the thing before I run film through it. Unlike my Filmo 70, I can't any manuals on the net. Folks have told me that the US-made 134 turret models don't take straight D-mount lenses? True? If so, does the B&H mount have a name? Any adapters possible? Any help and info much appreciated. Chris L.
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