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  1. Well heres a video of it https://imgur.com/a/z4Z6xzu Everything seems to be running fine without film. I can put the spool on the take up without film and it runs well. My loops are correct. I got the camera off ebay from russia. Most likely hasnt been serviced. I feel like im just missing something small. Maybe im too dumb for 16mm.
  2. No both are metal spools. Its very confusing
  3. Just got the k3 but im having INSANE trouble trying to load the film. I got a dummy roll from a local lab. Im using the correct loop lengths and the film is catching on the sprockets (no loop maker btw). But everytime the film starts running the take up spool jams and the film stops. When i try to take the take up spool off it is really snug and tight on the holder. At one point the screw for the take up holder was coming off so i tightened it a little. Maybe someone can tell me what their k3 take up holder looks like? The camera runs fine other wise. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! 🙂
  4. Hey Thomas! Just got an Npr myself. What battery solution did you go with? I wish there was some kind of onboard battery
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