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  1. Hi, I run training courses (normally in a classroom). I'll be spending the next few months teaching online in my study. I have had a few test runs and need some advice to compensate for the large amount of unavoidable backlight. To explain the setup. My desk faces the window. The window takes up the whole wall and is big (about 20ft wide x 15ft tall). There are blinds on the bottom half so when it gets sunny (most of the time) I drop the blinds to keep the heat down. I can't stop light coming in the top half of the window, and it's a lot, it bounces off the opposite wall and creates a huge amount of backlight. As a result I am a dark figure in the middle of the shot. I assume some sort of light in front of me (or off to the side) is needed to give some light but I have no idea what to go for. My webcam has a small ring light on it but that has very little effect (and reflects off my glasses). I have looked at bigger ring lights and studio lights but I have no idea what is best. There may be some other clever solution that I haven't thought of as well. If anyone can share some ideas I would be very grateful. Thanks
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