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  1. Currently negotiating a sale for a camera that is located in Portugal. Need a person that can go a look at the camera in person and make sure it is not a scam. I will pay you for meeting the seller and FaceTiming me to make sure everything looks legit. Seller is located in Coimbra, Portugal. Thanks!
  2. thanks guys. appreciate the advice
  3. Hey David, thanks for getting back. Yes, will have access to generator from 6am to 8pm in place where I am sleeping, but not on location. I have 2 small LEDs, a couple reflectors and white cards. Was worried I might be missing something useful/obvious.
  4. Need some advice. I will be shooting an anthropological short in an incredibly remote location in Indonesia. Any ideas for small bundle of items that will be necessary in order to get the best lighting possible given the circumstances? Crew of 3. No access to outlets or generators on location. Thanks
  5. email me at gameboygunnar@hotmail.com if you're selling or have any leads cheers
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