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  1. Hi, I have a room in an old factory that is approximately 5m x 5m. The room is quite tall (I will have to check, >5m I think) and has a large sky light up above. I intend to use this room to shoot music performances. The look I am going for is realistic / cinematic rather than lots of coloured gels and effects. I have around £500 UK to buy a key light at the moment. I've done quite a bit of research online but it's not that clear to me what power I need to be aiming for to suitably light around 4 people across the diagonal of the room at a decent ISO. I think a lot of stats given for LED lights are distracting where their output is recorded at 1 meter. This looks good in the marketing videos when the light is right up near the person being shot, but I find it hard to tell if the light will be so good when it's made it's way 3 meters or so to the drummer. With regards to colour, the simplest option for me would be to shoot in daylight so that any light that leaks through from the sky light won't create a conflict. There would be an option to black out the sky light, but that itself could be a challenge due to height and accessibility, and so I'm thinking it may be better to work with the room rather than against it. What I'm looking to find out is... - what power light should I be looking for? - should I look for LED or a Tungsten with gel? - are there any lights in my price bracket that you would recommend? - is there anything else to consider e.g. compatibility with standard add-ons Thanks Ben
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