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  1. Hey Dom, thanks for this really helpful and appreciate sending over the link too : )
  2. i don't know the chemistry i'm afraid, i believe the batteries are 12V NiCd or NiMH if that helps? Was just hoping there was a way to take a reading so not always charging and shooting without knowing.
  3. I have 4 pin XLR batteries for my Eclair ACL and before I use it I always put the batteries on charge but have no indicator of a full charge or how much is left when shooting. I was wondering if there was a way to plug the batteries in to something or take a reading from them which would let me know how much juice is left on them.
  4. Hey Dom everything is pointing that way so will have to take the fault as my own, it will fill a few holes in the short doc im making either way. Thanks all for you thoughts on this topic. : )
  5. It was 100% 500T shot without any filter. It wasn't a short end, it was 100ft wound and then rewound back on and i had to do this twice as the first time the it didn't feed through as the sprockets and emulsion where on the wrong side. It got processed at cinelab and scanned at on8mil and no one said anything before sending the file back to me. Really baffled right now.
  6. Thanks for all insight, I must of as it was from a 100ft roll i needed the spool for and then i put back on...I thought i was sure the emulsion side was correct but must have been wrong. These thing do happen : /
  7. So having the film the wrong way? I thought that but it can only be lead through the sprockets and im pretty sure the emulsion was on the correct side.
  8. Just got this film back from the lab and it looks like its been shot with a red filter. Was shot on Eclair ACL with schneider-kreuznach variogon 18-90mm f2 Have spoken with the lab and they said no error reports so just a bit confused why this wouldve happened, if anyone has any insights would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hey Dom thanks for your response this is all real helpful. I will go back to the engineer who replaced the mount and ask these about some of these points. I believe the engineer is qualified for this kind of thing but i will def find out if he knows more about what happened. Thanks a lot Jack
  10. Hey Heikko thanks for getting back to me So I have the Eclair ACL 2 with the heavy speed motor, I have a c-mount and used a c-mount to PL adapter. i focused mainly by eye but it was all shoot on sticks so made sure i was always roughly within the right distance. I didn't do anything with the ground glass and never spoke with the engineer who replaced the mount about it. I had never used the 400ft mags so the sound i believe was okay, didn't hear anything out of the ordinary though. One thing i did find funny was the loading of the film with the single perf as it didn't go round the bottom but more across (not sure if you understand but added a screen shoot and i did it the same way as the dotted line) Also another strange thing is it worked for a few shots of my test clip also attached. Loading the mag https://imgur.com/dBPyUgq 200ft Clip Test https://imgur.com/wH3Bhcu 200ft Clip Test https://imgur.com/LiW52Ur
  11. Okay thanks for this the company who did the work assured me the mount would take that lens with an adapter so i can get back in touch with them.
  12. Hey there i was wondering if someone could help with some recent issue I had on my first shoot with my Eclair ACL. I had bought the camera and just got it back after having the mount changed as there was issues with it from the previous owner. Everything seemed to run fine, ran some practise film through and it did what it was suppose to. I had ran a test clip on a 200ft mag and the footage came back with some of it quite out of focus and some totally fine, this was i believe due to the lens (Canon-16 Macro ZoomC10x12 12-120mm) and when at its widest (10mm) it was soft and zoomed in (120mm) everything was sharp. So I went ahead with the shoot but used a friends canon 8-64 T2.4 as thought this could've been the issue... First with the 200ft mag it all came back soft, the zoomed in stuff shows a bit more detail but not sharp at all and i could see in the viewfinder that it was in focus. Then the 400ft Mag the first fist minute was soft and then it just went completely blurry you can hardly make out whats going on in the footage what so ever. I have attached the images and i would really appreciate if some could look and let me know what they think may of happened. Obviously quite devastated that lost this footage an also spent a fair bit on the camera so far so not the results i wanted. 200ft https://imgur.com/mmcRxOU 200ft https://imgur.com/pAcOeJJ 400ft https://imgur.com/cy5xEje 400ft https://imgur.com/0CkWe5m Thanks for any insights.
  13. Hey Fred, thanks for getting back. What lens are they? cant seem to see. Thanks
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