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  1. Hi All, I'm struggling to find Arri Zeiss Ultra 16 singles - please get in touch if you have any for sale! I'm particularly after a 6mm and 14mm & above. Many thanks, Henry HenryJGill@gmail.com
  2. Hi Uli, All the SR3 HS cameras I've used have been this loud. It's likely louder for being a HighSpeed camera. Many thanks, Henry
  3. Hi All, I'm looking to buy a sound blimp/barney for my Arriflex SR3 HS, as it's remarkably louder than my older SR2 - to the point it's unusable for quiet dialogue scenes. Could anyone recommend a place to buy blimps, or perhaps someone who would make a custom soundproof cover for the camera? Many thanks for any leads. Best, Henry
  4. Selling my Skypanel S60-C due to lack of use. No VAT. Owned since new, works perfectly. Includes triple riser stand, snapbag, panel snapgrid, and ballast. Only 198 hours on the clock. There's some small cosmetic scratches on the stickers and aluminium. Paid around £6k new, asking £3.5k. Collection from SW6, London. HenryJGill@gmail.com
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