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  1. I’ll start by apologizing for introducing myself by means of a new topic, and please redirect me if needs be. This may seem a little indulgent, but I’m at a loss at to what to do so this is it. Hi my name is Tim Rees, and I am not a film maker or cinematographer. I am however a father to an aspiring filmmaker and cinematographer. My daughter isn16, with very definite ideas and opinions, she has what I think taught herself some skills but more than anything I think she has “an eye.” Unfortunately like most teenagers she thinks her father knows little if indeed anything. I’m here not to do her work for her but to gain a better understanding of the world she wants to be a part of, and of course to introduce her to your forum as a means of helping her on her way. She has some work placed under her name, Aoife Rees. I simply want to try and point her in the right direction, and speaking with like minded people has to be a part of that. Thank you for your Tim.
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