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    Leader in the rental of film and video equipment to South Florida, Full inventory of everything from lighting and grip to digital cinema cameras. Whether we’re providing a single-specialty light with an assist or delivering a 10-ton grip truck with a fully staffed Grip and Electric department, Moving Picture can tailor a package to fit your specific project and budget.

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  1. 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers & Crew Once again, we’re excited to bring you Moving Picture Rental’s Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers and Crew. Being filmmakers ourselves, we know that we’re a slightly tough crowd to find gifts for, so we’ve come up with this guide to help you find your filmmaker friend a gift he or she will love. We’ve included a wide variety of price points, from stocking stuffers to $179 tote bags. This list will be sure to “short circuit” gift shopping for your favorite filmmaker! (In case you’re wondering, we’re doing this as a public service, with no affiliation to the products listed. We just happen to love them.) If you prefer to watch the video version of this guide (or send it to a friend), check it out here: 4-in-1 Precision Screwdriver by Klein- $10 Klein makes amazing tools, and this precision screwdriver is not the exception! Instead of carrying 4 screwdrivers in your kit, take only one. Four different non-magnetic tips in one tool include #0 and #00 Phillips plus 1/8-Inch (3.2 mm) and 3/32-inch (2.4 mm) Slotted tips. Get it here. YOSHIHARU HAMONO Penato Knife- $12 The century-old Japanese firm Yoshiharu Cutlery earned its stripes handcrafting chisels. Now it makes elegant knives like this pocketable specimen. Its take on a Kiridashi utility knife pairs a carbon-steel blade with a brass body. Keep it on your desk to slice open packages, or simply display it as a sharp conversation piece. Get it here. Film Leader mug -$18.00 Film Leader Co makes goodies for filmmakers so they can have more “swag.” They make mugs, tees, tanks, button-downs, and backpacks. Gift your friend a mug stylized with film motives so he/she can look the part! Get it here. Streamlight 66608 250 Lumen Microstream USB Rechargeable Flashlight- $29.99 When an iPhone is not bright enough, this is THE flashlight that will save you. This tiny flashlight is big on power and features super brought (250 Lumens). It runs 3. 5 hours on low and includes a USB cord for charging. With the clip, attach it to the visor of your baseball cap, and now it is a headlamp! Get it here. LEATHERMAN Raptor Emergency Response Shears with Strap Cutter & Glass Breaker- $79.95 I find myself reaching for a pair of scissors more and more these days instead of a knife! This handy scissor comes equipped with 6 tools, including folding emergency response shears, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a ruler, an oxygen tank wrench, and a carbide glass breaker. It also brings a belt carrier that comes in handy while working on the set. Get it here. Ultimate Ears Boom 3- $125.00 UE’s Boom series is my all-time favorite Bluetooth speaker. The new Boom 3 inherits that portable party crown. It’s the same size as a tallboy of Budweiser, but it sounds like a magnum of Veuve Clicquot—which is to say, outstanding. The waterproof design (it floats!) comes in a variety of beach-ready colors. Get it here. EVERYDAY TOTE PACK by Peak Designs -$179.95 On our list for the second year in a row, Peak Designs now makes a super functional tote bag for filmmakers. With a laptop and tablet compartment as well as a place for small items like your EarPods, this bag is great for hauling around your portable production office clutter. Get it here. Shooting in Florida? We make it easy for you. We’re your Florida One-Stop-Shop with Cameras, Lighting, Production Services, and Crew. We have offices in Orlando, Fort Myers, and Miami. Happy Holidays.
  2. Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL Office 1224 NE 8th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 Email: info@movingpicture.com Phone: : 305-522-1361 Website: https://movingpicture.com/ https://cameracrewmiami.com/ Description: Moving Picture Rental is Florida’s One Stop Shop for all your production services and rental needs. As your on-site production partner we share our collective filmmaking experience – guiding your team to the right gear and crew for the job. We provide digital cinema camera rentals, lens rentals, film lighting packages, grip truck rentals, post-production rentals, walkie-talkies and expendables at competitive prices. We‘ll give you access to our network of seasoned camera crews and assistants, grips, gaffers, sound mixers, hair and makeup and PA’s. We’re in the business of helping your production to succeed!
  3. Best Locations to Shoot Your Next Professional Video Production in Miami Finding the perfect location for your Miami production or photo-shoot can be tough. That is to say, if you’re shooting outdoors, you’ll need to account for weather, sound, foot traffic, and lighting, among other things. For studio video shoots, you’ll still need to find a space that meets the specific needs of your production. Thankfully, there are a number of great locations for video production throughout South Florida. More specifically, Miami is full of great studios and outdoor locations to shoot and edit your video. Best Locations for Video Production in Miami Naturally, the best location for your Miami video production will depend on a variety of factors. That said, there are a number of prime locations for video productions in and around Miami-Dade County. So, let’s take a look at a few of the best locations for video production in Miami. Sophia’s Garden About 15 minutes southwest of downtown Miami is Sophia’s Garden. This tranquil and beautifully manicured farmland provides event hosting for weddings, birthday parties, family gatherings, and much more. Additionally, it is a great outdoor venue for video productions in need of a rural location just outside of the city. For more information on Sophia’s Garden, consult their website right here. Crandon Park Golf Course The Crandon Park Golf Course is a beautiful venue that offers fantastic views of Biscayne Bay. The golf course is open to visitors during regular business hours and can be booked for special events ahead of time. You can learn more about the Crandon Park Golf Course at this link. Schnebly Redland’s Winery This winery & brewery offers Miami residents a taste of the exotic, with a waterfall and tropical tavern. At Schnebly Redland’s Winery, there’s ample room inside and out for video productions in need of a tropical aesthetic. Schnebly Redland’s Winery website provides more information about its services and special events. Matheson Hammock Park Matheson Hammock Park is the perfect place to have a relaxing stroll on the waterfront. Dozens of boats line the nearby dock, and walking paths cut through the palm trees. It may not offer a lot of space, but Matheson Hammock Park is one of the best locations for productions in need of waterfront property. For more information, check out the Miami-Dade County parks website. Securing a Permit for Video Production in Miami The locations above are just a few of the great places to produce high-quality videos in Miami. However, if you don’t have the right permits, it doesn’t if the location is perfect or not. That’s why it is important to obtain the necessary permits well ahead of your planned shooting date. Thankfully, producing videos and choosing the right location is relatively easy. First, you need to scout locations and figure out what you need for your particular video production. You can scout hundreds of Miami locations on this website. Then, you must contact the property owners directly to discuss dates, property availability, and costs. Once you’ve come to an agreement, you will need to seek the necessary permits. In order to obtain the necessary permits, you will need to contact the City of Miami Film Office. The Miami Film Office will provide you with the necessary steps to take and the forms needed to obtain your location permits. Once you’ve received permission from the city, you’re all set! You can get your Miami video production up and running! Your local location and production partner Are you interested in finding a location, equipment, or permits for video production in Miami? If so, People First Media can help you get started and see your project through post-production. People First Media is a boutique video production company in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Myers. For more information, check out our website today!
  4. The job of a Producer. Never an easy gig. Even when things run smoothly, there’s always a tight rope or two to traverse. With the global coronavirus pandemic, client, talent, and camera crews safety on location has increased the high-wire act for producers. Yet life goes on– Executive messages, political interviews, new medical procedures, etc. still need to be filmed and distributed, with the added concern for the clients, talent and crew safety at the studio and on-site locations. Handling these film safety tightropes, so to speak, is now more daunting than ever. Issue: Film shoot safety during Covid-19 Let’s say your client needs a C-Suite executive filmed in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, introducing a new software app or a healthcare service. As a producer, you want to get the job done right with minimal stress to everyone involved. Solution: Remote Directing and Remote Camera Crew Services. At Moving Picture Rental, safety is our first concern. We understand that being on-site or in the same room as your client may be impractical or unsuitable. Consider having your camera crew use remote directing and capture tools. It’s a method our camera crews we’ve been utilizing for the past few months with promise. We’ve completed work with the BBC, conducting remote interviews and providing real-time preview shots. These remote interviews are similar to live TV interviews. Cameras are set up in an interview location on a long lens with the camera crew consisting of a videographer and sound. Audio is likely taken on boom rather than on lavs. From a virtual video village in a separate room, the director and the interviewer conduct the interview. The interviewee listens to the interviewer’s questions via a speaker while seeing their image on a teleprompter screen or on a monitor placed on the camera’s side. The interviewee responds to the camera as if the interviewer is in the room. By harnessing available technologies such as remote capturing and remote directing, we can assist in completing your production safely — your client gets their critical messaging to their audiences with speed and efficiency, you keep your client. Safety Protocols on Film Sets However, remote technology may be impractical for your shoot, and Moving Picture Rental also recommends and uses these additional precautions to minimize risk during on-site film shoots. Our camera crews follow these processes: Access to professional environmental decontamination and cleaning services to enhance location and studio safety before the shoot. Maintain Hygiene Protocols, including hand-washing and regular use of hand sanitizer. Prohibit crew with COVID-19 symptoms from coming to set; they must not have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. Keep the crew on set to a minimum. Use wireless Internet and cabled monitors so that the Director/Client can view the interview in another room or remotely. If requested, we can forgo lavaliere microphones and use boom only. We Pre-Light as much as possible before the talent arrives. We place Social Distancing markers on set when necessary or possible. All crew wears masks and gloves on location. Use local knowledge to find a studio that follows the required sanitation procedures. Offer individually wrapped client and crew meals. Shoot in outdoor spaces as permitted. Provide sanitized rental equipment. MovingPicture.com is your one-stop-shop for all your production needs. During this unprecedented time, please stay healthy and safe.
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