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    Leader in the rental of film and video equipment to South Florida, Full inventory of everything from lighting and grip to digital cinema cameras. Whether we’re providing a single-specialty light with an assist or delivering a 10-ton grip truck with a fully staffed Grip and Electric department, Moving Picture can tailor a package to fit your specific project and budget.

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  1. 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers & Crew Once again, we’re excited to bring you Moving Picture Rental’s Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers and Crew. Being filmmakers ourselves, we know that we’re a slightly tough crowd to find gifts for, so we’ve come up with this guide to help you find your filmmaker friend a gift he or she will love. We’ve included a wide variety of price points, from stocking stuffers to $179 tote bags. This list will be sure to “short circuit” gift shopping for your favorite filmmaker! (In case you’re wondering, we’re doing this as a public service, with
  2. Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL Office 1224 NE 8th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 Email: info@movingpicture.com Phone: : 305-522-1361 Website: https://movingpicture.com/ https://cameracrewmiami.com/ Description: Moving Picture Rental is Florida’s One Stop Shop for all your production services and rental needs. As your on-site production partner we share our collective filmmaking experience – guiding your team to the right gear and crew for the job. We provide digital cinema camera rentals, lens rentals, film lighting packages, grip truck rentals, post-production rentals, wa
  3. Best Locations to Shoot Your Next Professional Video Production in Miami Finding the perfect location for your Miami production or photo-shoot can be tough. That is to say, if you’re shooting outdoors, you’ll need to account for weather, sound, foot traffic, and lighting, among other things. For studio video shoots, you’ll still need to find a space that meets the specific needs of your production. Thankfully, there are a number of great locations for video production throughout South Florida. More specifically, Miami is full of great studios and outdoor locations to shoot and edit your vi
  4. The job of a Producer. Never an easy gig. Even when things run smoothly, there’s always a tight rope or two to traverse. With the global coronavirus pandemic, client, talent, and camera crews safety on location has increased the high-wire act for producers. Yet life goes on– Executive messages, political interviews, new medical procedures, etc. still need to be filmed and distributed, with the added concern for the clients, talent and crew safety at the studio and on-site locations. Handling these film safety tightropes, so to speak, is now more daunting than ever. Issue: Film sh
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