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  1. Thank you for the quick reply, everything and any help is welcome! I am already in touch with the 1AC to help during the camera check so I will be more comfortable with the set up. I will try to get in touch with the responsible for the dolly rental to see if it could be possible to arrange something like you mentioned. Good luck out there and thanks again!
  2. Hello everyone, very soon I am going to tackle my first well budgeted movie as a camera op and I was looking for some tips from professionals on the matter. Its not the first time I operate but I am accustomed to small projects with little complications. This time I will be working with an experienced director who is going to rely on me a lot and with new gadgets for me such as the dolly magnum etc. We are a 2 cameras unit and although we run the same sensor I am stuck with the heavier camera. I expect some handheld action as well so any tips with that would be very much appreciated as well. Thank you all in advance!
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